The Governance Gauge: How to Start your own Country

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This is a work that lists primarily the examples of new country projects throughout the 20th century, as well as the legal, military, geographic, and economic intricacies that go into the process. Information about weapons of mass destruction, de-facto sovereignty, and other international law questions are examined, but the bulk of this work is a list of micronations worldwide. Other fields in the book include the politics and marketing of such new societies and the attraction of investment and population.

The chapters examine 5 different tactics for the establishment of a new nation, the comparison thereof, and a series of case studies regarding new country projects throughout the 20th century.

Creators of zones and societies are the primary target of this somewhat informal book — advice on construction, political manoeuvring and attracting investment is the primary value of the book.

Policymakers and analysts can look at the case studies of the new country projects, which will better explain the motivation of creating new jurisdictions as well as the ways that they are handled by authorities.

Scholars and experts might not be interested in the book: the sourcing in the book is somewhat thorough, but very few metrics and scientific examinations are offered in the work.

The book can be purchased in paperback here.



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